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Social Media Manager 

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It’s a free school for future Social Media Managers from one of the largest online publishers in the world



Interactive courses Practical tasks Professional feedback


April 2023



1,5 months

SMM Boostcamp 09.jpg

What does an SMM specialist do?

Develops strategies to increase brand presence across various online platforms (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Publishes and promotes engaging and interactive content

Creates and oversees social media campaigns

Reviews page performances

Analyses platform trends and news


Sounds like a miracle? A little bit.

But this is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary growth adventure.

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But stop.

Tell me more!
Okay 😉


We’re TheSoul Publishing, and we've been creating entertaining and positive content for over 1.5 bln subscribers worldwide.

Millions of people around the world watch our videos daily in over 19 languages on social media like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Our projects include:


There are 2,000+ of us and we’re actively growing,

so we’re constantly looking all over the world for people with passion!

We invite talented people to join our Boostcamp

We need more talent, and we’re ready to provide you with the knowledge you lack to help you unlock

your potential as an SMM specialist

1,5 months of learning

Our professional SMM team share their experience

SMM Boostcamp 05.jpg
SMM Boostcamp 01.jpg

Job offers

We invite the best graduates to join our team

Welcome to the world of SMM!

We produce amazing content and want to share it with the whole world!

What will you learn?

The learning experience will be divided into 3 levels. After each of them, there’ll be an exam that students need to pass to go to the next level:

SMM Boostcamp 06.jpg

Introduction to SMM

Basic concepts and terms, familiarity with platforms, tasks for an SMM specialist.

Duration: 10 days

SMM Boostcamp 07.jpg

Working with platforms

The main platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Features, benefits, pitfalls.

Duration: 14 days

SMM Boostcamp 08.jpg

SMM at TheSoul Publishing

Immersion into the specifics of the work of an SMM specialist for the company.

Duration: 14 days

Upon successful completion of all 3 levels, graduates will get priority status when applying for a job within TheSoul Publishing.


What does the educational program include?

The school consists of the following activities:

Online courses

Theoretical material presented in the form of interactive and animated courses on the learning platform

Feedback from the mentors of the school

Each practical task is checked by experienced mentors and involves feedback

Practical tasks

Tests, quizzes, open-ended questions, and real cases for analysis

Final task

A practical task with a set of exercises, tests,

and cases based on the materials studied by the participant during the entire course

SMM Boostcamp 03.jpg
Abstract Gradient

What do you need
to join TheSoul Boostcamp?

Fire in your eyes, discipline, flexibility, and openness to try new things

Application and successful completion

of the test task

As for experience or education,

you don’t have to be an SMM guru.

We’ll teach you everything. Although, a little experience would be an advantage.


Ideal candidate


Having a good command of English (written and spoken) is important

Curious and on fleek

You’re interested in the world of social networks and know

the current trends 🚀


Do you know different types of content?

Let’s make them all!


Easily adapts to change in the world of social networks

Open, hungry to learn, and self-sufficient!

Be eager to learn from colleagues and independent in organizing your workload

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