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Ideas Finder for Bright Side

Hello everyone!

TheSoul Publishing is a fast-growing international company famous for its projects in more than 20 languages: 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, Slick Slime Sam, 123Go! etc. Today our company opens its doors to all talented people - we are looking for Ideas Finders for our project Bright Side!

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has a feel for our format;

  • Speaks English fluently;

  • Can compose vibrant and natural titles and justify their own ideas;

  • Derives inspiration from idea sources and creates new unique ideas;

  • Knows about the latest trends on social media;

  • Is ready to work in a rapidly changing work environment;

  • Is ready to complete a short test task;

  • Knowledge of foreign languages and ability to use them during the search for ideas will be an advantage.

What does the Ideas Finder have to do:

  • Look for interesting viral, potentially hit ideas for articles;

  • Determine how the idea is to be shown;

  • Solve problems linked to the transformation of ideas into articles.

We propose:

  • A home office-based job

  • Decent payment and bonuses

  • Experience of collaboration with an international company

  • A personal supervisor providing onboarding advice, support and guidance for your day-to-day work.

Interested? Send your CV to and don't forget to name your message "Ideas Finder for Bright Side".

We appreciate your interest in our roles and in the company. Your CV will be reviewed carefully by our team, and if we are ready to move forward with your application, one of our Recruiters will contact you and explain the next steps.

TheSoul Publishing is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We celebrate diversity and we do not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristics protected by law. We care for the privacy of our candidates, all the data you provide to us is kept protected and confidential.

Join Bright Side, we're cool!

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