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5-Minute Crafts: a dizzying journey into the backstage of production

It’s impossible to imagine the kind of person who has never seen our positive 5-Minute Crafts videos, where someone, for example, shows you how to create a cool hairstyle with a cotton swab or how to make a boat from a large plastic bottle. Surely you’ve seen one of these videos!? We bet you have - and that you enjoyed watching it but didn’t really think about how it was actually filmed, right? And now that we’ve mentioned it, we’re sure that you’ve started thinking about it and want to know more…Well, it won't take you long to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Let’s imagine: you open your phone, scroll through your Facebook feed and see these amazing videos. And you keep looking, and looking, and looking - you can’t tear your eyes away; you’re amazed at just how many cool life hacks there are! And it’s true - we really create a lot of content. Just stop for a second and think over the fact that we make approximately 80 videos every month - wow.

We also think that it’s pretty amazing too. But such an impressive amount of videos wouldn’t be possible without a team of professionals and a well-structured media production process. And oh yes, we know that you want to see it now - so let’s do it. Welcome to TheSoul Publishing!

So, here we are at one of our studios…Our 5MC team doesn’t actually create its masterpieces all in one place - we have studios in Riga, Limassol and Kazan (and by the way, even if you live in another city or country but you want to join our team at one of these offices, it’s no a problem at all, just read more about our relocation programs here).

First, we need an idea: what will happen in the video? Even if you have no clue what the video is about, you can always turn to the power of our ideas finders (yes, these are people who find and develop ideas for our videos and articles). And after the idea is found, it’s time to write the scenario!

At TheSoul Publishing we don’t call people who act “actors”. At TheSoul Publishing, actors are video specialists. There’s no subtle joke going on here - our video specialists don’t just play a role, they also create. Video operators and video specialists work together closely as a team, write scenarios, and are actually in charge of determining the video’s content.

Of course, before shooting, they discuss the plot with the executive producer, who is more experienced and gives comments on how to improve the video.

Great! We now know what we want to make a video about. The next step is to

prepare the film set. And luckily, we have a great team of pre-production specialists who help to identify and buy all the props needed to make the craft. They prepare the filming location itself (we have several very different locations in our studios), create the set, arrange the props and make craft components. So the pre-production team helps to make the dream scenarios come true in our videos.

It’s time to make our 5-Minute Crafts movie!

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So take a look at our short backstage video.

Hurray, everything’s now been filmed! We now have hours of footage to edit, and we need to add music, post the video, track the comments, chat with subscribers, evaluate the video’s effectiveness.

A whole team of people is involved in post-production and marketing activities so that you’re able to see and enjoy the result that appears in your feed.

And oh yes, the cycle of creativity and creating awesome, positive content for viewers around the world never stops. For anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to be part of this amazing process - welcome.

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