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Teamwork matters. Really.

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And we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. 

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Our roles & how we do our work


IT, SMM, brand partnerships, marketing, finance, legal, HR, admin, etc.

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What do our guys do?

We have a huge team working on the creation of unique materials for all our channels. Our work and collaboration is all interconnected, and we know how to listen to and help each other. 

But what do our guys actually do? They:


Search for new ideas, and create and write scripts

Take care of props and decorations, create and decorate film settings

Write articles, proofread and translate them into 19 languages, select the right illustrations for them

Post materials on social media networks, communicate with our subscribers and build communities

Act in videos, shoot footage, edit and record sound

Draw absolutely everything: animation for videos, storyboards, illustrations, even special effects (this is done by our illustrators, designers and animators)

All of this work depends on the guys from the IT department, who create our internal systems and work with external ones. They’re also engaged in web and mobile development, and test and protect our information

Legal, finance, HR, sales, brand and platform partnerships – these are areas that a large international business cannot do without.

TheSoul Publishing is a distributed team. Most of our specialists work outside the office from 70+ countries. This is one of the key features of our company culture.

Abstract Gradient

Why TheSoul Publishing?

Creative vibes are everywhere

90% of company employees are creators who make awesome positive content for millions of followers worldwide

Grow, develop, study

800+ internal educational courses and materials, individual programs upon request, internal expertise hubs and transparent knowledge sharing, 1:1 meetings with your manager


Our approach


Creativity and passion, beautiful minds and curiosity, proactiveness and life-long development


A tech-savvy approach and carefully structured processes: no bureaucracy, an ecosystem friendly to new ideas, transparent task management, asynchronous communication


Follow us, join us, rock on with us


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