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Is Music Your Heartbeat?

Tune your future!

Join TheSoul Publishing Music Production Team

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Rock on with us

Have you always wanted to connect your life and work with music? Well, now's the time.

TheSoul Publishing is an independent digital studio that produces entertaining, positive and original content for a global audience. We're a big, fast-moving, creative, international and cool business. And these are not empty words.

TheSoul Publishing


videos and articles per day in 19 languages


subscribers worldwide (yes, 1,000,000,000+)


projects including 5-Minute Crafts, La-La-Life, Bright Side, 123 GO!, Slick Slime Sam, Avocado Couple


employees in 70+ countries

Music Production

at TheSoul Publishing 

is waiting for you

We have our own sound and music production team, and now we are searching for awesome talented people — and we know that’s precisely what you are. These are roles within our Music Production team.


Choose the one that you like the most, and apply!


Do lyrics for new songs keep popping into your head all the time? And not only lyrics but also memorable tunes for future hits? If the answer’s yes, the role of songwriter is the right one for you – this is a person who writes lyrics every day, creating them both by themselves or following a project assignment. To be a successful candidate, you need to be on a first-name basis with musical genres, techniques, forms, rhythms, etc. And of course, music, new lyrics and tunes should constantly be filling your head, heart and soul.


or The Creator

For those who feel the power to create new hits every day.

At our company, vocalists are not just people who sing a song according to the notes. Oh, no! Creativity and experimentation are part of their job – you’ll also take part in creating lyrics, developing the melody for a song, and also the backing vocals for yourself and other vocalists. There are no restrictions; sing the way you want to. Of course, this role requires you to have strong vocal skills. And because we’re aimed at global markets, the ability to sing in English without an accent is crucial.


or The Voice Power

For those who can’t live a day without crooning


Music Composer

or Music Shaping Master

This is the multitasker. On the one hand, this hero creates professional arrangements in various musical genres and keeps up with the latest trends in music. And on the other, they work simultaneously on several songs and know how to organize the song production process with a team made up of vocalists, songwriters and mixing engineers. And one more thing. Are you an excellent arranger or beatmaker? Please describe tasks and genres you work with in your application form.

For those who can structure and unite sounds into masterpieces


Mixing Engineer

or The Uniter

For those who know how to turn vocals and melodies into friends

Being a true pro at mixing and mastering music, this person knows how to combine vocal and instrumental music, can easily deal with a multichannel song project, and works in various musical genres. What’s important here is being acquainted with all the music trends out there, and being able to organise a team. Of course, you need to be ready for creativity, to overcome any limitations and show the world your talent.



or The Hits Launcher

For those who have a feel for the skyrocketing potential of our tracks and artists

If you know how to find gold in the world of musical talent, music is your life, you understand genres and modern trends, and are ready to learn quickly, why don't you apply for this vacancy? Your days as a producer will be filled with hiring musicians, working with music production teams advising which songs should be produced by the artist, and listening to artists’ demo tapes. You will also work closely with artists to produce the sound that’s required. That means creating hits! You'll also need to prepare promotional materials for releases, generate ideas for TikTok promotion campaigns, publish songs on music platforms, and study analytics to produce better results. Plus audio editing, sound design, and ghost production helping artists to achieve the sounds they're striving for. There as many responsibilities as there are opportunities. The main qualities expected of a producer are initiative, engagement, flexibility and the desire to "move mountains" to make a real hit!


A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Manager

or The Development Manager

For those who know how to make the world listen to our awesome music!

It’s one thing to create a cool track, but another to deliver it to fans! Do you feel like you’d be able to deal with it? Then maybe you’re the superhero we’re looking for, who can schedule releases and publish songs on all our channels like streaming platforms and social media? Yes? Great! 

And what do you think about collaborating with teams, negotiating with curators, and creating the promotional materials and track covers we need? Sounds attractive? Oh, what a great match – congrats, this role is for you! Apply if you feel comfortable with social media platforms, are interested in trends, and are ready to work in a fast-paced work environment.

music production

And now let us introduce ourselves — welcome to Music Production at TheSoul Publishing!

10+ music teams spread worldwide

At the moment we have 15 people working as part of our music production team – these are songwriters, composers, singers, and sound engineers. But this is only the beginning.

We have really ambitious plans: to grow (together with you, of course!) as fast as the speed of sound and develop a really large-scale music production team! It’s a great chance to become part of something exciting and with a great future ahead of it.

New horizons, new projects

Just imagine this: at the beginning of 2021 we had just one music production project. Now there are six of them. And we are still accelerating: with each passing month we have more and more diverse projects appearing, so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck working on just one. Are you looking for a constantly evolving and changing environment and new opportunities? That’s what we’ve got.

20+ tracks per week

And what’s more: it takes no more than 5 days from receiving a song request to its release on the music platform. Yes, we work fast. Not only speed but also variety is what we do best: we create music in different styles like pop, electro pop, dark pop, R&B, hip hop, trap 808, synth pop, and reggaeton. So there’s no time to feel bored!

Remote work & versatility. Teamwork & independence.

All our musicians work remotely. Every team member knows how to work independently, so you should be ready to work right where you are, with your own full set of equipment.

However, we do our best to make our guys feel like they’re part of a single team. Distance is no obstacle for us. You’ll be part of a cool team of talented, professional and supportive colleagues. We believe in teamwork, so we help each other at every stage of production, sharing the experience we’ve gained over the years. This is what allows us to grow as professionals every day.

Gradient Purple Red

Music and songs for the La La Life channel, which features fun music videos about basically everything around us.

3D Virtual Singer and Dancer, who sings in future bass, epic, game music, and dark pop music styles.

Songs for children on our fun channel Muffin Socks.

Our projects

What's it like to work at

TheSoul Publishing

Freedom, creativity, tech-savvy approach, common sense and carefully structured processes

These are not just cool words; this is our reality, so we’re offering you an opportunity to create while working on a real business project. TheSoul Publishing processes are automated and facilitated through an in-house system built to attain skyrocketing efficiency and productivity. We guarantee top quality and instant feedback at each stage of production.

Remote work and flexibility

We're happy to provide employees with maximum flexibility and convenience. Of course, you need to be productive, complete tasks on time and follow the project plan, but in general, you and only you are responsible for your time management and work schedule.


Career growth

We strongly believe in offering our employees opportunities for career growth, and offer big rewards for good work results. That’s why we have many examples of fast tracked employees. We try to give all conceivable opportunities for your potential career fulfilment, beginning with the freedom given to each employee and ending with a huge range of educational courses.


Development opportunities

As for education, we favor lifelong development, so there are a lot of opportunities for you to upgrade your skills within our company. We offer opportunities for professional skill development in music production – for example, music mixing or vocals courses. You just need to discuss what your goals are with your team. Also, we offer a lot of possibilities for integrated development – we have a lot of study courses to improve and develop soft skills like creativity, time management, teamwork and so on.



I am not a professional songwriter, vocalist, music composer or mixing engineer. Can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely! We are always looking for creative individuals, so even if you do not have the relevant professional experience, do not hesitate to apply! If you believe in yourself and you are creative, this is what we are looking for.

What are the stages of the hiring process?

There are different steps in our process, since we have a large variety of roles. Generally, we try to keep our process simple and clear from the beginning, so the most common steps look like this:

  1. A quick application (so we know you want to dive into the hiring process)

  2. A detailed application form + Recorded video interview

  3. A test task so you can show your ability to solve our specific tasks

  4. Live online Interviews

  5. A job offer! And welcome onboard 🙂

I want to combine [role 1] and [role 2] - is this possible?

Yes, any of our positions allows for a part-time or full-time schedule, so you can combine different roles in the team. Don't forget to express your wishes during the interview.

Do I need professional equipment at home?

Yes, since the work is completely remote, you need your own professional equipment to create good quality music.

How long does the whole process take?

It depends — you might land a job within a few days, or maybe it’ll be weeks. Each role has different steps. Based on your availability and the hiring team's, we always try to offer you the best candidate experience in terms of time and communication.

What does the compensation package include?

We’ll discuss the salary and all the benefits during the hiring process, but believe us, our strategy is to create the most comfortable conditions for everyone. Hence, the only thing you need to think about is the creation process.

I am from <write any place on Earth here>. Can I join your team?

As our music production team is fully remote, it doesn’t matter where you are from - we will be happy to welcome you to our tea.

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