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Moho Animation School

Registration is now closed


It’s a free educational program for 2D animators (Moho) from one of the largest online publishers in the world



Interactive lessons

Home assignments Professional feedback


No upcoming dates



3 weeks


It's free!

Sounds like a miracle? A little bit.

But this is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary growth adventure.


But wait.

Tell me more!

Okay 😉

Hey there! We’re TheSoul Publishing, and we've been

producing entertaining and positive content for

over 1 bln subscribers worldwide.

We create more than 500 minutes of animated videos per month in over 19 languages

on social media like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok,

and Instagram.

Our animation  projects:

2 (3).jpg

There are already 600+ of us on the animation team and we’re rapidly growing, so we need more and more 2D animators for our animation projects!

We invite talented animators

to join our Moho Animation School

We’re ready to teach you to work with Moho. We’ve built the majority of our animation projects with Moho.

3 weeks of studies

The best animators from our company share their experience


Job offers

We’ll invite the graduates who successfully complete the final test to join our team

Take your chance to grow with TheSoul!

We already have an amazing team of professionals, but our projects’ appetites keep growing!

What will you learn?

Module 1

What our interface is, setting scripts, studying vector and bone layers, types of bindings

Module 2

How to create simple character rigs, simple and reverse cinematics, working with cameras

Module 3

A deep study of rigging, gait animation, gait template creation, and masks in Moho, interaction with objects

Module 4

Everything about the main characters of the Avocado project, detailing their abilities, repeating their rigs on the characters, frame-by-frame animation,

the parallax effect

Module 5

A dive into the scenes from TheSoul Moho project Avocado Couple

Plus more...

After each lesson studied, you should carry out

a home assignment. There are also three additional lessons for self-study.

By the end of the course, graduates will make an animation video based on a given script. After successful completion of the test, you’ll get a certificate and the opportunity to join our animation team as a 2D animator.

What do you need to join

TheSoul Moho Animation School?


You should have experience in 2D character animation, tried to work or study Moho, and ready to share your animation portfolio and CV


Do you have basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects? Great!


Knowledge of Intermediate English is crucial

Successful completion of the test task

Every student signs a study agreement

Free time

5-10 hours a week

to study and homework

And of course, the desire to join our team!
We're searching for candidates who want to work full time with us after the end of the course
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