Our team is quite big, and it is spread all over the world. We have employees in all 5 continents, and we are proud to provide our people with the comfort that comes along when they work from home. 


Work and personal life balance plays an active role to us, so we welcome remote opportunities. We have writers, proofreaders, translators and many others who enjoy the benefits of such type of employment. 


Open positions


Product Manager (private marketplaces)

We are looking for a Product Manager for our Private Marketplaces who will spearhead strategy, development, and the go-to-market of TheSoul Publishing’s private marketplace offerings on social media as well as our owned and operated inventory.

Performance Management Executive

The role will be to support the business in unifying the project planning approach, and executing highly effective operational solutions to deal with The Soul Publishing project management challenges across multiple departments.

Product Lead (websites)

We’re looking for an experienced and highly qualified Product Lead for our websites. We require someone with experience in creating product roadmaps from conception to launch, driving product vision, and defining go-to-market strategy.

Сценариcт La La Learn

Мы ищем тебя, готового писать веселые сценарии с забавными ситуациями, за которыми будет интересно наблюдать детям от 3 до 6 лет!

Music Composer

Right now our musical channels are growing, and we’re developing our teams with more and more talented musicians!


Right now, our musical channels are looking for songwriters to create hits that will thrill our audiences!

2D Художник-иллюстратор

Регулярно мы запускаем новые амбициозные анимационные проекты, для реализации которых нам необходимы крутые иллюстраторы!

Director of Licensing

We are looking for a Director of Licensing who will be responsible for bringing our beloved characters and IPs to people all around the world.

English-Polish Translator

Are you fluent in English and Polish? Are you tired of translating boring articles and want to work with interesting content that captures people's hearts? Then we are waiting for you!

3D-художник по персонажам

В нашу команду мечты нам нужен талантливый 3D-художник по персонажам, который будет заниматься моделированием персонажей для последующего ригинга и анимации в Blender.

Illustrator DUH

Мы ищем в команду нашего нового проекта DUH классных иллюстраторов, которые смогут быть с нами на одной волне!

Platform Operations Specialist

We are seeking an aspiring junior Platform Operations Specialist who will focus on handling day-to-day operational tasks connected to our growing platform base.

Producer for a Gadget Hacks project

We’re currently looking for a creative, proactive producer who loves different gadgets, knows lots of hacks about them and wants to share their ideas with a real audience!

Mixing Engineer

Currently, we are looking for a Mixing Engineer, a true pro at mixing and mastering music.

Иллюстратор Teen-Z

Мы вкладываем всю душу в каждый проект и сейчас ищем единомышленников - крутых иллюстраторов для нашего проекта Teen-Z, чтобы быть на одной волне ✌️


Хорошо рисуешь? Понимаешь основы режиссуры и сценария, а также суть сторибординга и ключевых фаз? Тогда откликайся на нашу вакансию раскадровщика 🙂

Senior Project Manager

Мы ищем специалиста, который также будет отвечать за коммуникацию с внешними контрагентами — социальными сетями и ускорит время реакций команды на внешние запросы.

Сторибордист для GameTik

Нам нужны креативные раскадровщики для нашего нового анимационного проекта на игровую тематику GameTik!

Product Lead (applications)

We’re looking for an experienced and highly qualified Product Lead for our applications. We require someone with experience in creating product roadmaps from conception to launch, driving product vision, and defining go-to-market strategy.

Scriptwriter JollyWoo

Right now, we’re looking for talented scriptwriters who will write fun and creative blueprints for 5-yo kids.

Producer for Bright Side Thai Editorial

Right now, we’re looking for a proactive associate producer who will launch and attract millions of viewers to our new project.


Right now we’re developing our musical channels, and we’re looking for cool singers whose voices will make people fall in love with our videos and cause their hearts to beat a little faster!

Иллюстратор обложек

Наша команда в поисках крутого 2D-художника, который будет создавать обложки для канала Bright Side.

Ideas Finder for Bright Side

Our famous portal Bright Side is looking for Ideas Finders. It's you? Then read on!

Senior Ad Operations Manager (Applications)

We’re looking for a Senior Ad Operations Manager (Applications) with expertise in mobile applications ad monetization who will be passionate about leading this subject, applying new skills and jumping in wherever needed to ensure campaign success.