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Actor / Actress La La Life Games


La La Life Games is our new and rapidly developing comedy music project! It’s dynamic, funny and colorful, and combines computer game themes with real-life situations :)

We are constantly growing, generating new ideas and coming up with creative content, and we want some new charismatic people to join our team. The candidate should have the desire to become an on-screen actress/actor and a fully-fledged video specialist who will play their part in creating videos.

There’s absolutely no need to be a model or a professional actor, or have perfect measurements and appropriate work experience. Different skin colors, hair and eye colors; different body shapes and hairstyles; piercings and tattoos – we’re all unique, and this is something we welcome! :)

What our video specialist will do:

  • find lots of different ideas and concepts for videos which fit the format of the project;

  • develop the presentation of the idea together with the videographer;

  • take part in on-screen filming (for humorous and music-related videos);

  • compile lists of props that need to be purchased for forthcoming videos;

  • propose new ideas, experiments, improvements, and tests for new formats.

What we expect from a great prospective candidate for the role of video specialist:

  • charisma, a willingness to work in a team and create video masterpieces;

  • the capacity to quickly understand, feel and take on board the filming format for the project;

  • the ability to effectively keep track of trends on social media and understand the interests of the audience;

  • confidence in front of a camera and a willingness to take part from time to time in very funny and silly scenes (experience of participating in any filming will be a plus, but is not obligatory).

  • a passion for computer games will be very helpful in this position.

What we offer:

  • work in a cool, fully equipped filming studio;

  • constant activity and stable and interesting work that has no equivalent anywhere else;

  • official employment and bonuses for outstanding achievements;

  • attentive mentors, talented colleagues, and a creative atmosphere all around;

  • free food from a varied menu;

  • growth within the company, which has no limits for the most creative individuals.

Make your life bright and colorful!

Interested? Send your CV to and don't forget to write the vacancy's name in the subject line of your message!

Please be prepared to complete a test task. The same task is given to all candidates and is aimed exclusively at verifying your creative abilities and behavior in front of a camera.

We appreciate your interest in our roles and the company. Your CV will be reviewed carefully by our team, and if we are ready to move forward with your application, one of our Recruiters will contact you and explain the next steps.

TheSoul Publishing is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We celebrate diversity and we do not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristics protected by law. We care for the privacy of our candidates, all the data you provide to us is maintained protected and confidential.

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