The IT Department

TheSoul Publishing is a company that uses advanced technology to produce media content. All of our creative teams work with tools and systems that were developed by our IT Department. It’s with their help that we’re able to effectively organize the creation of our high-quality and interesting videos, animations, and articles. You can read more about the systems we develop below.

Our IT Department is a well-organized team of  highly-qualified

specialists. Within the team, every individual can find their voice

and has the right to be heard.


We have no top-down culture here; we don’t enforce

a single approach to solving issues. In fact, we always

examine and analyze several different ways to solve problems,

and we’re ready to listen to suggestions.


Our activities revolve exclusively around in-house development, so we never sacrifice the quality and stability of our products for the sake of deadlines, and you can be proud of the work we do.

For instance, we have a highly competent architect whom the team members can always turn to for help with software design issues.


We have a strong QA team that adheres very firmly to all the relevant QA rules and best practices, implementing automated and manual testing. Our QA manager has a good development skill set, and personally supervises and inspects our code.


For researching new methods and approaches to development, we have our R&D section. This is made up of our Core Team first and foremost, but research work is also carried out by our product teams. Our UX work is developing rapidly, and we already have a team of specialists working on interface optimization and refinement. In keeping with world trends, we’re moving towards development in Docker; we use Kubernetes and Skaffold, and we have a remote testbed which allows us to conduct development directly within a cluster.

Thanks to our effective approach to management, work organization, and relationship building, we’ve created a healthy workplace ecosystem where each individual can find their place and achieve personal development. We’re always glad to welcome new people into our ranks who have the experience and knowledge that will help us to develop further, and raise the value of our products for the good of the business.


The main programming language that we use for our services is PHP 7.3. All of our new services are developed using Laminas and Mezzio. Our second main language is Go.

Our team develops mobile applications using native Swift, Java and Kotlin.

We use MySQL, ElasticSearch, ClickHouse, and Redis as databases. For queues, we use RabbitMQ.

Our front-end developers use React, TypeScript, and ES6.

Our infrastructure is developed on the basis of Kubernetes, Helm, and Skaffold.

We use Atlassian stack: Jira, Confluence, BitBucket and Bamboo for managing development.

In our IT Department, areas of responsibility are clearly divided between our teams. At the same time, we’re not isolated from one another and we all actively collaborate. All of our teams work according to a single style, guided by common principles and common sense.

Distribution of Functions 

Business Solutions

Social Analytics

Core Team

Websites & Apps

Financial Systems




Business Intelligence

How can you become part of our team?

If you are interested in our vacancies, simply fill in the form beneath the job description and provide your résumé. Our recruiter will carefully study the information provided and contact you if your experience and qualifications meet our requirements.

The communication process for vacancies in the IT Team includes:

  • Meeting our recruiter, Tech Leads, and the Chief Technology Officer.

  • A genuinely interesting test task (our candidates really like our tasks).

  • Various interview stages using modern and convenient virtual tools.

  • You’ll learn all about our IT Team, our projects, future prospects, the relocation process and remote cooperation – we consider it important to answer all of your questions.

  • Guaranteed, timely feedback and updates from the recruiter.

You’ll find it interesting to work for us if:

you’re an experienced specialist who possesses high-quality technical expertise, or you aim to become such a specialist;

you understand the value of testing and want to develop your skills in this area;

you can think critically and know how to formulate and argue your case, but are also able to listen to others’ opinions;

you’re not afraid of responsibility, and you know how to and strive to convert the demands of business into IT tasks;

and finally, you want to be part of a cool and creative dispersed team, and create a unique product that millions of people around the world use every day.

you know how to and wish to develop microservices architecture and work with high workloads, and are not afraid of coming up against difficulties;

you’re responsible, well-organized, and know how to finish what you started;

your goals include self-development and gaining skills with new technology;

you consider it important to establish effective team interaction processes;

Where our team works

We offer our new colleagues a choice of three locations to carry out their work.

  • it’s a major urban area with a clean climate and high-quality infrastructure. It has modern roads and interchanges; good schools, city gardens, shops, and sports centers all within walking distance;

  • it boasts a rich cultural life – exhibitions, theaters, museums, restaurants and bars; historical architecture and dozens of parks. It has a unique cultural balance where everyone can find something for themselves;

  • it’s a great city for living – there are lots of pedestrian zones, a large choice of apartments, and very little traffic; 

  • you can find all kinds of outdoor recreation here. There’s the river Volga and surrounding forests, and plenty of outdoor clubs – everything you need to relax.

An excellent city because:



  • you love sun and warmth weather, since we get 330 days of sun a year here;

  • you’re a fan of outdoor leisure. There’s the sea and the mountains, the beaches and hiking tracks, mountain skiing and horse-riding;

  • you sometimes forget to lock your car door. It’s a very safe place;

  • you don’t want to spend too much time on commuting. It’s a small island, and you can get from your home to the office in 15 minutes on average.


A great choice if:


  • this is available to you if you would like to try out this work setup;

  • perhaps you already work from home and have experienced all its advantages;

  • it requires a full working day, but done from home. Each of our remote-working specialists is part of a larger team;

  • there’s no need to spend time commuting, so you can devote more time to your family;

  • you can travel to a different country for the summer or winter and carry out your work wherever you go.

An interesting alternative to the classic work environment:

A map of where our employees work from

Our team

True Senior


The average age of an employee in the IT Department is

How many of us are there now? 


What we think about working at TheSoul Publishing

  • Nikolai

    Senior Frontend Developer

    For me, my home is like a really comfy office. Remote working is totally normal for us, so remote communication in the TheSoul Publishing is one of the most important tools we have. I can contact anyone in the company, and they will answer and try to help. And what’s most important – it’s the people around you who create this comfortable atmosphere. I work with incredible colleagues who are always ready to help and support me. It’s hard to overstate the professionalism and responsibility of every person I’ve worked with here, and I realized this even before I started working for the company. Now I love to answer the question: ‘Where do you work?’ I feel a sense of pride when I tell people about TheSoul Publishing and about the cool products that we make.

  • Aleksei

    PHP Team Lead

    Working at TheSoul Publishing means working with real professional experts, where you share part of your own experience and get the same thing back from everyone else. We develop professionally every day, both as individuals and as a team of developers.

    Working remotely lets you use your resources in a rational way and organize your work space the way you want it. Apart from the obvious advantage of not having to spend any time on commuting, you also have the opportunity to arrange your work area in a way that suits you. You could work at a large table with two monitors, or just grab your laptop and sit down in a comfy chair outside. When you work remotely, your comfortable work setup is always with you. And there are no inconveniences – we use a set of software for organizing our virtual office, so there’s no sense that you’re far-removed from your colleagues or the work itself. We’re always at each other’s sides, online and accessible during the working day.

Apart from work, we offer: 

Training and development; attendance at thematic technical conferences.

The best employees of the year attend TheSoul Publishing Conference – the company’s yearly offsite conference.

Summer and winter office parties, team social events (games, marathons; everyone can find a group that interests them)

We not only offer you the chance to go on business trips, but also to work in different company offices, allowing you to change your location if you wish to.

In both our offices in Kazan and Limassol:

We have a superb and youthful team that’s always ready to help. Our guys make decisions and secure approval for them rapidly (in as little as 10 minutes), and everyone has equal opportunities at all levels of the career ladder.

Our chefs can both develop individual menus and also cook international cuisine – each week it’s something different. We also have our own vending machines if you’d like a snack.

Filming is always being carried out. But! The main principle of our work is to maintain peace and quiet. We never disturb each other, because we know that everyone is busy with their job.

Areas for relaxing and recharging your mental batteries.



Senior UX Analyst

Мы ищем сильного аналитика с хорошим опытом работы с UX для усиления data driven — подхода в разработке продуктов компании.

Senior BI Developer

Мы активно развиваем BI направление в нашей компаний. И в связи с этим открываем вакансию для опытного Senior BI Developer c хорошими аналитическими навыками, технической экспертизой и знанием Qlik Sense для работы с данными из различных источников, получения полезной информации из данных и помощи в принятии решения нашим бизнес-пользователям

Senior System Administrator

Прямо сейчас мы в поиске высококвалифицированного системного администратора, который не только обеспечит бесперебойную работу видеостудии, но и и проявит свои senior навыки в решении нестандартных задач.

Senior System Analyst

TheSoul Publishing – одно из самых больших интернет-издательств в мире. Мы ежедневно создаем сотни развлекательных и познавательных видео, статей и анимаций для 800+ млн подписчиков по всему миру!

System Administrator

Офис в Казани открывает вакансию системного администратора, который имеет стремление к развитию и готов проявить свой потенциал в обеспечении бесперебойной работы видеостудии.

Senior PHP Developer

TheSoul Publishing — одно из самых больших интернет-издательств в мире. ​

Senior Software Engineer (DevOps)

Мы ищем опытного Senior Software Engineer (DevOps) c хорошим знанием Golang или Python для написания инфраструктурных сервисов, консольных утилит для разработчиков и утилит CI/CD (тулинг).

System Administrator (Latvia)

Прямо сейчас мы в поиске высококвалифицированного системного администратора в нашу видеостудию в Риге.

Technical Support Engineer

Мы ежедневно создаем и публикуем сотни развлекательных и познавательных видео, статей и анимаций для 850+ миллионов подписчиков по всему миру

Senior iOS Developer

TheSoul Publishing – одно из самых больших интернет-издательств в мире. Мы ежедневно создаем сотни развлекательных и познавательных видео, статей и анимаций для 750+ млн подписчиков по всему миру.