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Office Manager

Currently we are looking for an Office Manager to join our growing team in the Limassol HQ....

Buyer (Video Props Specialist)

We are looking for a clever and attentive Video Props Specialist capable of multi-tasking who will be responsible for purchasing the stuff w...

Warehouse Specialist

We are currently looking for a clever and attentive Warehouse Specialist whose able to multi-task....

Voices for an entertaining YouTube channel

One of such projects is La La Life - a channel with a million audience, which every day pleases viewers in different parts of our planet. No...

Trainee Video Operator

Do you love filming and editing videos? Do your Instagram stories get a ton of reactions, and do you reach for your phone straight away when...

Creative Writer (French Editorial)

TheSoul Publishing is one of the most well-known media companies on the Internet. Our numerous projects - 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, Slic...

Ideas Finder for

Today our company opens its doors to all talented people - we are looking for Ideas Finders for our Spanish Editorial....

Video Designer La La Life

We are constantly growing, generating new ideas and coming up with creative content, and we want talented VideoDesigner to join our bright t...

VP, Global Operations

We are looking to hire an experienced VP of Global Operations to oversee our organization’s ongoing operations and procedures....

Senior HR Business Partner

We are looking for an experienced Senior HR Business Partner to provide both strategic and hands-on support to our Limassol HQ and Global vi...

Video Props Specialist

We are constantly growing, so we're delighted to invite talented people to join our team....

Video Studio Manager (Latvia)

TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest media publishers in the world! We focus on the bright side of life, with our many brands and platfo...

Social Media Manager - Chinese Market

We are looking to hire an experienced Social Media Manager (part-time) with the focus on Chinese market!...

Bright Side Writer

Our Bright Side team is looking for talented writers who would like to make our content brighter....

2D Animator / motion designer

Right now, we’re looking for 2D animators and motion designers to join our friendly team, and assist us with not only supporting our success...

Studio location Specialist

​Right now we need a studio location specialist for our video studio who knows how to combine colors effectively, has a good sense of taste,...

Social Media Analyst

We are looking to hire an experienced Social Media Analyst to not only source and collect data from our platforms and various distributions ...

Hard Crafter/Constructor

We are looking for talented Crafter to join our great and creative team! ...


We are looking for a clever, multi-tasking and attentive Accountant to join our team in Riga, Latvia....

School for Actors and Videographers (Cyprus)

We’re announcing the enrolment for a 2-week course for actors and videographers wishing to join TheSoul Publishing!...

Trainee Actor/Actress

We’re opening a free, two-week school for beginner actors and actresses, with the possibility of subsequent employment in the company....

Article Illustrator

Today our editorials are opening their doors to talented illustrators who are ready to make our content even more colorful and vibrant....

Financial Analyst

The Financial Analyst will join the Finance team to contribute and support the business by providing key insights and analysis across the gr...

Assistant/Actor La La Life

We are constantly growing, generating new ideas and coming up with creative content, and we want well organised person to join our bright te...

Actor/Actress La La Life

We are constantly growing, generating new ideas and coming up with creative content, and we want another vibrant and charismatic person to j...


How do I apply for a role within TheSoul Publishing?

What are the typical steps in the recruiting process?

Will you respond to my application?

How long does the whole process take?

I am not a professional actor, scriptwriter etc. Can I still apply?


There are different steps in our process since we have a large variety of roles, from proofreaders to editors and from sales to technical managers. Generally, we try to keep our process simple and clear from the beginning, so the most common steps look like this:

Hiring process


Step 1


Step 2

Step 3

Test (practical, technical etc.)


Step 5

Interviews (video, Skype, Zoom, F2F etc.)

Step 4

Step 6

Welcome onboard!


Success Stories


When I started working it was a rather small but friendly company (6-7 people). I was lucky to work in very different positions, starting from the author of, ending with the management of entire projects! However, we are still at the very beginning of our long and interesting journey!

Project manager


I decided to apply for an actress role, thinking I would work as a freelancer. After the test shooting, we were sitting in the kitchen (it didn't look like interview), and the CEO came & asked me "When can you join us?" It was very unexpected, because I loved ADME. I started as an actress and grew into an Art Lead of 5-Minute Crafts!

Art lead


I was a huge fan of Adme since I discovered the webpage. When I got hired, I literally jumped around my place and screamed like crazy :) I started as a translator and grew into a Manager! I'm happy to work here and to have such a great team that is always willing to try new things :)



I came to the company at the end of May 2018 as a freelance scriptwriter for a new project. This was actually my moonlighting - I used to have a full-time office job in a totally different sphere. I was watching our project grow and participated in its creation as the only scriptwriter. However, I was getting more involved in new staff training and quality evaluation, so in January 2019 I quit my other job and took over as Project Manager of a team of 60 people and now I take care of developing mine and producing other new projects.

Project manager