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TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest internet publishers in the world. Our team of 2,000+ individuals working in 70+ countries creates positive content every day: we shoot videos, create animations, and write articles for 1 billion+ subscribers worldwide. Our projects include 5-Minute Crafts,, Avocado Couple and 40+ others.


Our team is looking for a creative producer who is confident they can make a cool idea a reality: a 2D animated character in the real world. The producer will have the opportunity to influence the development of the concept and the choice of character.


What would be your responsibilities:

  • Build a strategy for the channel’s development based on the existing concept and in cooperation with your manager;

  • Seek out creative ideas for the project;

  • Envision and create a finished product. Monitor all content creation stages as well as the work of those colleagues who complete our tasks. Make appropriate edits to achieve good results with each team member;

  • Interact with our team of animators, scriptwriters, and sound designers;

  • Take part in everything – scriptwriting, ordering props, editing videos etc. – during the build-up phase of the project.

  • Ordering props, editing videos etc.


  • A readiness to quickly take up work and plan a multi-stage production process;

  • Intermediate+ or Upper Intermediate-level English;

  • Team management skills or significant managerial potential;

  • Experience of video recording as a camera operator or a videographer is highly desirable;

  • The ability to solve unusual problems.


We offer:

  • Schedule: Full-time, Mon-Fri, 9:00-18:00;

  • A modern office and part-time video studio, a fast laptop, parking space, delicious lunches (we have our own kitchen with a menu of various dishes!);

  • A stable salary: we respect the competence of every candidate, and we therefore discuss the size of remuneration individually and offer acceptable and competitive salary levels;

  • A creative workplace environment. Cool equipment, multiple filming sites and all required props – we have everything you need to create outstanding content;

  • Travel to our studios in various countries (Latvia/Cyprus) to share experiences with colleagues

  • The freedom to experiment, select subject material, and apply innovative filming methods and tools;

  • We not only follow the latest trends in the world of video production, we set them. And every employee can participate in this process;

  • A high-technology environment, well-structured business processes, minimal bureaucracy, a new ideas vibe, a clear task management system, asynchronous communication (fewer meetings, more written discussion).


We appreciate your interest in our roles and the company. Your CV will be reviewed carefully by our team, and we will contact you if we are ready to offer you the chance to take our test task or invite you for an interview.

TheSoul Publishing is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment which all our employees can adapt to easily. We celebrate diversity and we do not discriminate based upon race, religion, gender, gender identity, or place of residence, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristics protected by law. We care for the privacy of our candidates, all the data you provide to us is kept strictly confidential.

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