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TheSoul Publishing Video Boostcamp is a free educational program for future actors and video operators from one of the largest media publishers in the world

A free 2-week training course where our experts will teach you the basics of video design and acting, as well as show you how to create viral video content for social networks


Our video studio in Budapest



±6-8 hours per day

How to join?

Read more about steps to join the program here

The course is free

Hey, we are

TheSoul Publishing

We produce entertaining and positive content for our channels on social media with a total number of
1,5 bln (yes, 1,500,000,000!) subscribers worldwide!

All that is done by our TheSoul team






work remotely

Our projects

And many more...

Shoot videos

Make animations

Write articles


videos produced monthly


animation projects



What do we do?

Produce music

Diamond Play Buttons for more than 10M subscribers



Gold Play Buttons for more than 1M subscribers


Who we are
What's Video Boostcamp about?

There are already 2,500+ of us and we are actively growing,
so we are constantly looking for talent from all over the world

We invite you to join our Boostcamp

We’re ready to provide you with the knowledge you lack and help to unlock your potential as a creator

2 weeks of learning  

Our professional video operators and actors & actresses will share their experience

About the program

What will we teach you?

We will tell you about the basics of video design and acting and teach you how to create cool video content

What will you learn?

Actors and actresses

will learn:

  • To play various roles in front of the camera

  • To work in a team with a videographer

  • The basics of how to be a producer

  • To search for the highest-trending video ideas within the format

Video operators

  • To work with a professional DSLR camera

  • To set up lighting for any situation

  • The basics of subject and staged video shooting

  • Use of Adobe Premiere editing software

  • To work with actors onscreen

  • The basics of how to be a producer

will learn:

Who can join

What do you need to join TheSoul Boostcamp?


Fire in your eyes, discipline, flexibility and openness to new things


A phone and laptop for homework


As for experience or education, you don’t have to be a professional actor/actress/video operator, or have ideal looks or similar work experience. We will teach you everything.

Steps to join the program

It is quick and easy!


It will be a group interview so you will also get the chance to meet new cool creative people

Test task

Time to show the best of you!

Group Interview

What a chance to show your talents even more!

Offer to the boostcamp

Welcome! You’ve been missed.

Fill in the application form, follow the instructions of our recruiters and you are in! 
How to join
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