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We are the company behind some of the web's most popular brands and most shareable content

We create positive and bright content for millions of people. At TheSoul Publishing, we nourish creativity and passion, cultivate beautiful minds, and encourage each other to become better every single day.

Behind the scenes, we’re building our business with a tech-savvy approach, common sense, and carefully structured processes. We’re proud of who we are and what we do. Dare to be yourself!

TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest internet publishers in the world. We are the parent company behind wildly successful DIY videos 5-Minute Crafts, inspiration, and creative channel Bright Side.

Every day, we create and publish hundreds of entertaining and informative videos, articles, and animations for our 850+ million subscribers all around the world on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


With the 16 years of history, the offices in 4 countries, and the team of 1.500 creative minds globally.

Our Cyprus Video Studio is constantly growing and we have a huge number of open roles for talented actors, actresses, videographers and crafters!

Fun DIY-projects, crafts, and hands-on projects!

5-Minute Crafts

  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Showcases scientific discoveries, space exploration, health and fitness, trivia and riddles, and relationships!

Bright Side

  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Videos celebrating everything trending right here and right

now — including DIY, life hacks, challenges, and beauty tips!


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And more...


We are strong in numbers

TheSoul Publishing's content and brands consistently rank as some of the web's most viewed and shared, with impressive stats and rankings, such as:


million followers across our 
Facebook pages


million subscribers across our combined YouTube channels 

Video content in 18 languages 

#1 DIY digital channel in the world (5-Minute Crafts)


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Become a part of a wonderful team!