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5-Minute Crafts

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Showcases scientific discoveries, space exploration, health and fitness, trivia and riddles, and relationships!

Bright Side

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Videos celebrating everything trending right here and right

now — including DIY, life hacks, challenges, and beauty tips!


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We are strong in numbers

TheSoul Publishing's content and brands consistently rank as some of the web's most viewed and shared, with impressive stats and rankings, such as:


million followers across our 
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million subscribers across our combined YouTube channels 

Video content in 18 languages 

#1 DIY digital channel in the world (5-Minute Crafts)


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TheSoul Publishing's international content team consists of editors, licensing professionals, writers, fact-checkers, proofreaders, translators, community managers, researchers, animators, photographers, narrators, videographers, actors and models — all of whom work tirelessly producing the positive and inspiring articles, photos, videos and animations that fuel our many social media channels and websites.

5 TheSoul Publishing Hallmarks

Technology & Automation:

TheSoul Publishing processes are automated and facilitated through an in-house system built to skyrocket efficiency and productivity. This includes all stages of content production: from brainstorming to posting, as well as analytics, internal training, and process automation. 

Efficiency & Quality:

Our team is provided with all the resources they need to put out the best product in the most efficient way. We assure top quality and instant feedback at each stage of production. 


TheSoul Publishing values analytical minds and common sense in every single process. Facts are key! 


Every day

is something

new at TheSoul Publishing. Our team is always moving forward. 

Remote work:

We're happy to provide employees with maximum flexibility and convenience. 

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